Past Awards

Award Winners from 2023

Best Plenary Talk

Quantifying attention via dwell time and engagement in a social media browsing environment
Ziv Epstein, Hause Lin

Best Parallel Talks

Supersharers of Fake News on Twitter
Sahar Baribi-Bartov, Briony Swire-Thompson, Nir Grinberg

SensePOLAR: Word sense aware interpretability for pre-trained contextual word embeddings
Jan Engler, Sandipan Sikdar, Marlene Lutz, Markus Strohmaier

Best Posters

Segregation in high-resolution residential mobility network
Louis Boucherie, Ben F. Maier, Sune Lehmann

Twitter’s Reaction to BBC’s #TheModiQuestion
Pearl Pandya, Armin Pournaki

Honorable Mentions

The motherhood penalty in mobility
Silvia De Sojo Caso, Mia Ann Jørgensen, Sune Lehmann, Laura Alessandretti

Modeling Information Change in Science Communication with Semantically Matched Paraphrases
Dustin Wright, Jiaxin Pei, David Jurgens, Isabelle Augenstein

Millions of Brand Co-visits Reveal Socioeconomic Status Boundaries in Daily Consumption
Yuanmo He, Milena Tsvetkova